Stella Barker - Journey to Health

Stella Barker is our spotlight member of the month!!! Stella first came when OSI was still OPT, she's been with us for 4 years and has seen amazing results.  She went from not being happy with her body to being able to move again and accomplishing things she didn't think were possible.  She has lost many pounds and gained a lot of muscle over her 4 years with us.  Every training session Stella works hard toward her goals and all of the trainers at OSI are very proud of her achievements!!!  GO Stella!! How long have you been at OSI? I have been at OSI/OPT for a little over 4 years. I started working out with Dani in a field behind an office complex. I feel very lucky to have watched all the wonderful things that have happened with OSI over the last few years. How did you hear about/what made you decide to try OSI?11703422_10153440699532605_859841837150944576_o My friend Megan Roberts had tried a Groupon for boot camp classes with Dani and had seen great results. It was exactly what I was looking for and after having two babies I was ready for some regular exercise. What was your initial reaction to the OS form of movement/resets? I was apprehensive at first. It seemed so simple, so how could it work? I had gotten accustom to a vigorous warm up and this was completely different. Now, after doing resets, I feel much more prepared to conquer not only the workout, but the rest of the day. What is your favorite thing to do at OSI? I honestly don't have a favorite! It's always changing as I work on accomplishing new goals. Also, the trainers are awesome and bringing in new things like the big boxes or coming up with a new way to use equipment we already have. However, most everyone will tell you I will always jump on the sled or chains first during our circuit workout. The people also make the workout experience. We have a great time together! What has been one of your biggest obstacles when it comes to sticking to your health game plan in the past? Eating has been my biggest obstacle.  I have always been able to eat whatever I wanted without consequence. Recently, that was no longer true and I started to notice how my eating habits were affecting my body.  I was a soda addict; I went completely soda free for a year (a very long year!) and now I only occasionally have soda. I also never really thought about meal planning and nutrition.   Dani was a huge help with goal setting in this area. She helped me set small goals and introduced me to tracking food on MyFitnessPal. I still struggle with the balance of healthy and indulgence, but now I can easily get back on track. Tim has also been great about offering suggestions about pre-workout meals and post workout recovery food. What results have you seen/changes that have happened since starting OSI? My results have been amazing. I'm the strongest I have been in my life. I'm doing things with weights I honestly never thought were possible for me. All this has made me more confident about what I can do in my day to day life. If I can go to OSI and kick butt in class, I can do anything! What is your proudest achievement and next big goal at OSI? When I first started at OSI, I was coming off of a very rough year. After having my second child, I developed mono six weeks postpartum. I spent a year not able to do anything but take care of my kids while taking tons of medication. All this made for a huge weight gain and lots of muscle loss. All I wanted was the old Stella back, body and mind. It took four years. Last week, I slipped into pants I had not worn since before my second pregnancy. I'm THRILLED. (Stella also recently achieved her big goal of being able to do a pull up!)  My next big goal would be to work on many small ones: heavier weights, more endurance, and daring to try new things. At OSI, there is always a new way to challenge yourself.        

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