Talia - Working Hard and Accomplishing Goals!

Talia is our Spotlight member of the week!  Talia works hard and is committed to attending classes at OSi during her lunch break.   She even walks over from her downtown office and has invited co-workers to join her! We have all watched her progress and admire her determination to achieve her goals!   #teamtalia!! Keep up the good work!! What made you first decide to try OSI/start working out/lose weight? I decided to try out OSi when one of my friend/co-worker mentioned he tried it out. We actually worked out at the same gym previously, so he knew what programming I was accustomed to. While I had achieved 60 pounds’ loss with my previous regime, I was burnt out and quit. I gained most of the weight I had lost back and knew I had to get back to a “gym.” After discussing concerns about being too hard on my body previously, he let me know OSi was completely different and I should try it out. I visited OSi for the first time on June 9, 2015! What has been one of your biggest obstacles when it comes to sticking to your game plan in the past? I have been an “all-or-none” person. I eat all clean or I nose dive off the shallow end. I train consistently or skip out two or three weeks at a time. It’s easy to think, “if I’ve already crashed and burned at breakfast, I might as well make it a cheat day.” Which we all know can lead to a cheat week… month… you know the deal! How has OSi helped/is helping you presently to overcome that obstacle? I have primarily worked out in Dani, Chris and Tim’s small group training sessions because of my schedule. All three have held me accountable. Skipped a few classes I was scheduled for? I’ll get a message saying, “Where have you been?” “Everything okay?!” “What can I do to help you get on track” Having that extra bit of accountability makes me think twice about deciding, “I’ll go next week.” Dani and I recently chatted about my “all-or-none” mindset and let me know small steps forward are better than taking steps back. You rarely find many coaches that are as invested (or sometimes more invested) in your success than you are. IMG_1625What is your proudest achievement/next big goal? My proudest moment at OSi was fairly recent. I finally made the Wall of Wonder, (the W.O.W. - which is a giant chalk board of member celebrations of achievement)!   The Battling Ropes aren’t as big of an enemy as I thought. I’ve nailed 5 minutes of non-stop velocity waves on the white rope and 6 minutes on the blue rope in the same week! My pushups have come quite a long way and I'm confident I’ll be stringing a few together in the next few weeks. The strength in my core is finally where I need it to be. Now it’s just mind over matter! My next big goal includes training for my 2nd half marathon, which is going to be a run across the Town of Cary to each town fire station (Join her here). I know continuing to train at OSi will keep me strong and focused on achieving a sub 2:45 time (my 1st half marathon time back in May 2014). Have you noticed anything in everyday life that is easier to do or you are able to do better? There is an emphasis on breathing properly when working out. This has helped me in the 5K's I’ve done this year. It’s such a simple task, but pressing reset each daily and taking time to breathe correctly, makes a big difference!   If you'd like to come out and workout with Talia and her lunch time friends, please come join us for a noon session!  You can get started at OS Institute doing small group training sessions with our 2 Week Trial! The trial includes 2 weeks of unlimited small group training as well as a private session with one of our experienced coaches to help introduce you to OS Institute and what makes us sort of like a gym, but better.    

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