Exercise: Don't Be a Hater

The word "exercise" invokes different feelings depending on the person.  Your mindset toward exercise (and everything really) influences how your kids react to it.  Kids don't usually "exercise" in the formal, go to the gym, way.  They don't need it because they have sports, playgrounds, and the ability to run around like crazy people all day :).  But one day the sports stop, the time to play outside becomes less: besides, it's not cool anymore, and kids turn into adults that don't move or college students that gain 30lbs.  I spent a week running an OSI kids camp and I learned something, kids love exercising!  Not just running around playing games: but the lifting weights, counting pushups, exercising. Even when it isn't disguised as a game or a competition, they still love it. Kids Camp GroupEach day we spent the 3 hours I had them playing tons of games and running around like maniacs, controlled maniacs of course, and it was great!  The last day everyone was tired and sore from their week at camp, undoubtedly much to their parents pleasure!  I decided to mix it up and throw a typical (kid version) of an OSI workout at them.  Instead of complaining; all the kids kept telling me how fun it was and how they wanted to do it again next time.  I was surprised but happy with their reaction to the workout, it was the middle of the last day of camp though so I didn't dwell on it too much.... it was time for another game anyway! After camp that day I had an hour break before my adult group class and spent my break working out.  Two of my campers, Micah and Luca, who I've babysat for years, where waiting for mom and decided to join me in my workout.  They did great!  Better than most adults I've worked out with.  We each had our station, rotated every 5 minutes while I kept an eye on them,  and they killed it!  It was so much fun.  I think they might enjoy exercising more than me... if that's possible :) Afterwards I was thinking, when does moving become a chore and exercise something to dread?  Because it obviously doesn't start out that way, even non disguised exercising is the "13608158-10154340049399704-1040827199-n_origfunnest thing ever".  So when does it change?  With adulthood the responsibilities increase and free time decreases.  Having fun and playing isn't a priority because there is work, kids, family time, activities, cars, church, and that all important TV show to watch.  You're just too tired, too busy, too *insert applicable excuse here* to workout.  But what if you weren't? I've found you have time for anything, and more importantly, you can MAKE time for anything.  If it's important to you, you make it work; whatever it is. So camp this week taught me; hating exercise isn't a trait.  "I'm Danae, I have brown hair, hazel eyes, and I love exercising because it has been passed down through generations of Cannas" ummm no.  Yes, whether your parents were active or not has an affect, but it is not all encompassing. Hating moving/exercising is something that is developed after your childhood years.  So don't be a hater, go workout, your inner child will thank you. danaeMeet Coach Danae! She is the newest member to the OS Institute team but has actually been with us as a student for years! She knows her stuff and is passionate about health and exercise and is seriously fantastic with kids.  She is offering a private personal training intro package to a few special people - 10 sessions for $450! Contact her at danae@os-institute.com. You can check out more from Danae on her blog, Fit-ish.  

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