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My husband came home from work yesterday and was telling me all about how he had a surprise health exam at work that day.  He is a fireman and the town he works for has recently started a points based health system to determine the cost of their health insurance.  (side note: I actually think this is kind of a neat idea as it does motivate the men to take better care of themselves).  They get points off if they are smokers, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and if their BMI (Body Mass Index) score is higher than it's supposed to be. Over the last 6 months my husband has worked very hard to be more mindful of his eating habits and to be more active.  Last year he was put on blood pressure medication, his cholesterol was too high, and he was overweight and struggling with back pain and poor sleep.  Since then he has lost 50 lbs and gained strength and endurance and is enjoying his life.  He is more confident, he is sleeping better, many of his aches and pains have subsided, and he is just overall, feeling good. So anyways, back to the health test at work... He came home telling me about this test and seemed shocked to find out that his blood pressure was down and that his cholesterol was down.  Guys! This is what taking care of yourself can do for you!

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