TOMATO, CUCUMBER, AVOCADO SALAD With summer under full swing, here is a salad that is refreshing and healthy! So today’s recipe is a simple summer salad – a tomato, cucumber, avocado salad. This is a quick and easy salad to put together that uses just a couple of summer ingredients. Juicy cherry tomatoes, cool, crunchy cucumber and creamy avocado.  This recipe calls for some salty feta, red onion and a little minced parsley as well.  Toss with a simple red wine vinaigrette and the salad is ready in under 15 minutes! This is great as a side dish or serve it as your main course with some crunchy french bread, cheese and maybe some fresh fruit and you’ve got a cool, easy lunch for a hot day.   A couple of notes: -Because this is such a simple salad, presentation means a lot.  So try and cut all your ingredients to be roughly the same size – you want to use a very sharp knife that easily slices the vegetables and cheese. Be careful! -Soak the red onion slice in a little water, for a couple of minutes, before mincing.  This will remove some of the raw onion taste. -Avocado does not refrigerate well.  So if you are not eating it right away, wait to add the avocado until just before serving. -It you want to make a vegan version of this tomato, cucumber, avocado salad then substitute kalamata olives for the feta cheese.


Tomato_Cucumber_Avocado_SaladCU-300x300 •1½ cups of chopped tomatoes - Can substitute cherry tomatoes if you would like! •1 cucumber - peeled and seeded then diced •1 avocado - diced •4 oz feta cheese - cubed •2 tbs minced red onion •1 handful parsley - minced - about 2 tbs •2 tbs olive oil •1 tbs red wine vinegar •8 twists of black pepper from a pepper mill    


1- Chop tomatoes into a medium dice. If using cherry tomatoes, cut in half. Add to a bowl.

2- Peel and seed one cucumber and dice. Add to bowl.

3- Remove pit, dice avocado and using a spoon scoop out the avocado from the peel. Add to bowl.

4- Cube feta and add to bowl.

5- Add minced red onion and minced parsley to bowl.

6- Whisk together olive oil, red wine vinegar and black pepper - pour over salad.

7- Toss gently so the feta and avocado don't break up. Serve immediately.

8- If refrigerating - keep the avocado aside and add before severing.

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